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Manatee Elementary > Mrs. Coffin's Webpage > Posts > December 3, 2013
December 3, 2013

Important Dates

Dec. 4-6 Science Fair

Dec. 9 & 10 District Reading Test

Dec. 11 Winter Concert

Dec. 18, 19 and 20 Early Release Days


Dec. 13th will be the last day to take a reading counts quiz. The requirement is one biography that has been approved by Mrs. Coffin.

We continue our novel studies. Your child has a short list of vocabulary words to work on this week, but no new spelling words. There will be a test on the novel chapters we have completed so far on Friday the 6th.

End of Semester Testing

During the week of December 9-13 we will be administering the two day District Reading Test, the December Math Diagnostic test, the Science Earth/Space Body of Knowledge test and completing our second DBQ. Please help your child prepare at home for these exams and send them to school well-rested and on time. Thanks for your help with this.



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