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Manatee Elementary > Mrs. Coffin's Webpage > Posts > February 24, 2014
February 24, 2014

Important Dates


February 26~Fifth grade meets their counselors/cafeteria 8:00am, EARLY RELEASE

Feb. 28~Camp t-shirts/Hershey Bars are due

March 7~ All medications for camp MUST be turned in to the clinic

March 12~14 Camp

March 20~Report Cards issued

March 24 – 28 Spring Break


***Fifth Grade FCAT TESTING:

Reading & Science the week of April 14th

            Math on the computer during the window of April 28-May 7th

Please mark your calendars for the FCAT testing dates and try not to schedule any appointments during this window. Thank you.


Thank you to all who participated in the Walk-a-thon fundraiser. We appreciate our Manatee Families!

Our "Technology Rocks" fundraiser has enabled us to begin our project of installing Ebeam whiteboard devices in our classrooms to augment the technology available to our students.  The Ebeam Edge for Education device turns a normal whiteboard in the classroom into an interactive smartboard.  With Ebeam, the teacher's computer becomes projected on the full size of the whiteboard and calibrated with a stylus to be used in place of a mouse while utilizing interactive software and websites.  Ebeam is an excellent learning tool which engages the students while allowing them to interact with the technology in the front of the classroom as a group not just individually on one student computer. Ebeam technology supports whole class lessons, activities, and group collaborations.  Ebeam is bundled with built in software which includes a gallery of interactive content, templates and images to build visual and dynamic content to engage our 21st Century learners!



Our camping trip is right around the corner. Your child's packing list was attached to the paperwork packet that was sent home. Please remember that students may not take any electronic devices or cellphones to camp. This rule will be strictly enforced.

This Wednesday, the students will be notified of their patrol groups and will meet their counselors. During this meeting they will come up with a patrol name and design a flag to represent their patrol at camp. Due to the large number of non-campers this year, we will be hiring a substitute for the three days. The students will be working on some of the science and writing standards that we cover at camp.

Please contact me if you have any questions about our trip.


Next Thursday, 2/27/14—we will be packing up all of the lost and found and will be taking it to the Goodwill.  Please remind your students to look thru everything on the racks in the cafeteria to see if anything belongs to them.



Our third BELAA assessment will be given the week of March 3. It will encompass all the reading, writing and grammar skills we have worked on. We have been working hard on written responses. Please encourage your child to carefully plan, write and review their responses.








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