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Manatee Elementary > Mrs. Coffin's Webpage > Posts > September 11, 2012
September 11, 2012

September Reading Goal

For the month of September I have asked students to read two Science non-fiction books and one chapter book. All books must be within 200 points of the student's Lexile Level. I have their levels if you are unsure. Once the books have been read, students must take the Reading Counts quiz in the classroom or the Media Center. Please encourage your child to begin reading and taking quizzes as early in the month as possible. These three quiz grades will be entered in to Edline as Reading grades.


Organizational Skills/Homework

As we move into the first full month of school, we still have several students who are struggling with keeping up with materials as they switch classes and completing and turning in assignments on time. At this point students should be leaving for the day with all materials needed to complete homework assignments and study for tests. Students will not be allowed back in the classroom after dismissal to retrieve forgotten items. We have revamped our dismissal routine to allow for more quiet time to think about what materials should be taken home and to copy the assignments into the planners. Additionally, if a student arrives in another class without all the necessary materials, he or she will not be allowed to return to their homeroom. At that point any missed material will have to be completed at home for homework. Hopefully, this will cut down on the number of disruptions during math classes.

If a student does not have a completed homework assignment on the day it is due, he will complete a Missed Homework form which I will sign. The form will be stapled into that child's planner for a parent's signature that night. If it doesn't get signed, that student will have to walk during our next Supplemental PE period. Two missed assignments in a week will result in an email to parents and walking for a SPE period. Once the form is signed it should be stapled to the completed assignment and turned in. This policy is much stricter than what I have had in the past, however, the management of the missed assignments has been taking up a ridiculous amount of our class time and we need to get a handle on it. Please do what you can to help your child keep up with assignments and develop effective, organizational skills.


Math Class Changes

We have finalized the changes to our math classes and beginning Friday, Sept. 7, students will report to their new classes. As a team, we have all kept our classes at the same pace so that the transition would be smooth and no student would have gaps. Our finalized classes should be entered into Edline by next week and grades from the beginning of the year will be posted. I have sent all graded work home with students.


WHAT:     A before school walking/running program designed to let

students begin each day in an active, healthy and fun way.


WHEN:     The program will begin on Monday (Sept. 17th) and will run the entire school year.


TIME:     Each morning, Monday thru Friday from 7:30 AM to 7:45 AM


WHERE:     The students will gather on the P.E. field and will walk or run as many .25 mile laps as they want to or can.

WHY:     To promote an active healthy lifestyle starting at a young age.


WHO:     All students in grades 2nd-6th


COST:     Free


Mr. Bartlett, Ms. Best and parent volunteers will staff the program. The students will attempt to complete as many laps as they are comfortable with each morning. The laps will be totaled and the students will be rewarded as they accumulate miles. Providing children the opportunity to exercise each morning not only works to fight childhood obesity, it allows students to expend youthful energy on the field leaving them more likely to sit still and focus once the school day begins. It's a win-win for everyone involved and Manatee Elementary is thrilled to promote fitness and all the great benefits that go with it.


For more information about The Morning Mile please visit or join the MorningMile facebook page.


Parents are welcome to participate with their children or volunteer in the program. For information on how you can get involved, email Ms. Best at







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