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Manatee Elementary > Mrs. Coffin's Webpage > Posts > August 20, 2013
August 20, 2013

Important Dates

Aug. 21 ~ PTO meeting 2:40

Aug. 27 ~ Volunteer Breakfast

Aug. 28 ~ Early Release Day

Aug. 29 ~ Ice Cream Social/Open House


Curriculum Updates:

Reading: Main Selection: A Package for Mrs. Jewls

Comprehension Skill: story structure (characters, setting, plot)

Vocab. Strategy: context clues

Writing: Narrative/short story

Homework: Vocabulary book is due next Monday, Aug. 26. They have written the format in the vocab. Section of the reading notebook

Spelling: students are required to access at least once during the week (more if needed). We have gone over how to access our 5th grade list. There are 30 spelling words and 10 vocab. words.

The spelling test will be Friday and vocabulary test will be Monday. Friday will also be the comprehension/skills test.

Social Studies:

We are working on map skills: landforms, latitude and longitude, regions of the U. S.

Students are encouraged to bring their notebooks and textbooks home at least once each week to review notes and fill in any missing information.


We have been working on comparing multiplication and division, writing good explanations in math and math facts. Next week we move into long division.

I am thrilled with the way my students have adjusted to the routine of fifth grade. As we move forward we will work more independently which takes lots of training and practice. Thanks for sharing your child with me, I seem to have a really great group. Hope to see you all at the Ice Cream Social next week!

Mrs. Coffin




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