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Class Announcements

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Welcome to Mrs. Daly’s

5th Grade Class!


The following are some important notes to get you through the first few weeks of school.


             Please plan for 30-50 minutes of homework each night.  Homework may include independent assignments, studying for tests and working on long term projects.


             Each day all students will write their homework in their planner. I will stamp each planner and check that all homework is written correctly.  Students are required to have a parent sign their planner Monday-Thursday nights.  This will also serve as a communication tool between us.  Thank you in advanced for your cooperation.

Water Bottles:

             Each student may have a water bottle on their desk during class.  Feel free to send one in.  Water is the only thing allowed in the water bottles.

Dirty Time:   Dig In and Read To Yourself

             Beginning 8/15/05 students must have a chapter book with them to read during Dirty Time.  This will occur each day and all books must be age appropriate.  Books may be brought from home, check out from the library or my bookshelf.




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Wisconsin Milk


    Don't give me no pop, no pop

    Don't give me no tea, no tea

    Just give that milk, moo, moo, moo, moo

    Wisconsin milk, moo, moo, moo,moo


leader: give me a long M


leader: give me a short M

group: M


(Leader repeats with I,L,K)



Peanut Butter Reece Cup

Peanut butter, Reece cup

Mess with me, I'll mess you up

Bam, Bam choo-choo train

Let's see (person) do there thang

person: I can'

group: why not

person: I just can't

group: why not

person: my back hurts, the suns to bright, my bootie shakes from left to right

group: and left and right and left right left right

    Repeat from the beginning