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The DuPont Data Delivery
We are off to an exciting start in fifth grade. It was wonderful to see so many of you at Open House.  I look forward to a productive and positve relationship as we work together for your child's success.
Organizational Strategies
Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your child's academic progress. 
  • One of the best ways you can ensure success is to look through the RED FOLDER every night.  Here you will find graded papers for your review (and signature if needed). 
  • Also please check the PLANNER to be sure all homework assignments are completed.  Encourage your child to pack the backpack each evening so that items are not left at home in the morning rush.
  • The STUDENT BINDER comes home every Friday.  This is just another opportunity for you to review everything that has been completed and graded each week.  Please remember to leave everything in this binder until the end of the grading period.
  • The LEXILE LOG also comes home each Friday.  Here you will see a record of your child's individual reading progress for the week.  Ask your child how he/she is enjoying this particular book.  Try to help set a reasonable goal for completion and require a little reading at home each evening.  Please initial by the latest date indicated in the log.


I am sure you have already begun to hear about our annual 3 day/2 night camping trip to Paisely, Florida on the edge of the Ocala National Forest.  Please plan to attend our informational Parents' meeting held on September 9th at 5:00 p.m. in the Manatee Cafeteria.  We will share a brief video clip showing exactly what camp is all about, provide lots of information, answer all your questions, and kick off the fundraiser to help defray the cost of camp.  We hope to see you there, even if you are undecided about whether or not your child will attend camp. 



We are currently in the midst of reading Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson.  This is a classic children's novel about the power of friendship, imagination, and courage.  This is a fully supported reading experience, meaning that all reading is done aloud in class, either by myself, Mrs. Matson, or the students.  We are keeping literature response journals that encompass many of the tested skills on the district required assessments.  Don't be concerned that your child isn't laboring over workbook pages.  We are getting lost in a great book, and the learning is being folded in seemlessly.    Please check out the link provided for spelling and vocabulary lists for each section of the book.  Anticipated test dates are located on the calendar.



We have finished our unit on place value and are currently reviewing the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiciplication, and division of whole numbers.  There are two very significant ways you can help your child.  First, I am sure many of you were suprised at how much trouble they have with their basic facts.  This cannot be stressed enough.  Second, please take a few minutes to work with your child if this is an area of difficulty.  Multiplication and division are particularly challenging as they are multi-step processess and require tremendous NEATNESS!    We will be moving from here on to the properties of math, including the distributive, commutative, and associative properties. 

Social Studies:

We are just finishing up Chapter 1 about general geography and regions of the united states.  We have also review the continents, lines of latitude, longitude, equator, and prime meridian.



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