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February 2014



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Lunch is switched with Fifth Grade on Tuesday, February 4th so they can attend the King Center. Our lunch time will be 11:16 – 11:44 for this day only.




Parts have been assigned and we are gearing up for our Second Grade Play for the 2013 –14 School Year!

Play practice in the cafeteria begin this week (2/5/14). We will be there from 1:30 – 2:15, Wednesday, 2/5/14 through Tuesday, 2/11/14. See more info below…..

Important Info About The

2014 2nd Grade Performance

"Celebrating Special Days"



Students should report to their teacher's classroom at 5:30 pm.


Some of the special events and topics covered in the performance might include New Year's Resolutions, Winter, Martin Luther King Jr., 100 Days of School, Valentine's Day, and President's Day.


Please encourage your child to practice the songs at home if you have a computer with internet.  The more they practice, the more successful and fun the rehearsals and the performance will be. J 


The link to Ms. Orth's webpage where the songs are located is:

2nd Grade Performance Song Practice Link


If you have trouble with the link, go to the Manatee Elementary Website:


Click on the tab at the top labeled "Music at Manatee". Scroll down on the left hand side under "links" and click on "2nd Grade Performance". All of the songs with their instrumental and example tracks should be listed to listen to. Make sure your child practices the example tracks with the singing on them first, before just practicing with the instrumental tracks.


DRESS: For the performance, your child will need to wear jeans and our 2nd grade shirt, you can wear a long sleeve shirt underneath if you would like. They will also need a pair of gloves or mittens. If they would like to wear a scarf, that would be great too!


Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all on the 11th. J


Musically yours,

    Ms. Orth

    Music Teacher - Manatee Elementary





EARLY RELEASE DAYS THIS MONTH:     Wednesday, February 12 and 26 – 1:15 pm. Make sure your child knows the procedure when there is rain falling that the time of dismissal on any day of the year.


***If there is a change in dismissal plans, DO NOT rely on the emailing me the info. Computers may not be working and/or I may not see the change in time. The best bet is to send a written note to me through the front office. They can call back to the classroom and we can pick up the note.

**Homework passes are being introduced now that we are well into the second semester. If your child receives one, this allows him/her to skip one assignment (one Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science, or Writing) for one evening. Please indicate on the pass what assignment is being skipped and initial that you saw the pass, please. Just have your child hand me the pass in the morning.


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