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We are off and using our new reading program. I am assessing all students at this time in math, reading, and on "Fry" words. I will be giving you more information on how you can help your child at home in math when we have our math night in September. I can tell you some students need practice with their sums of ten. Please use flashcards at home along with asking for the missing addend. e.g. 7+?=10. The better understanding your child has on sums of ten the easier it will be as we move forward. Practicing for a few minutes a night would be great! As for "Fry" words all students are required to know the first 100 by the end of first grade. I tested all students and some students knew all 100!!!!!! Those students who knew all 100 words will move to the second set of 100. (second grade level) and so on. I am sending those results home on Monday the 26th. I put the first 3 sets of fry words on my website along with a link so those who want to be challenged throughout the year can be! J This week I am working on running records. (listening to them read to assess their level) I will be putting them in reading groups once I am done!


All updates will be on this website so please make sure to check frequently. Updates along with class needs and activities that are coming up will be posted.

Please make sure during snack time that you provide a healthy snack for your child each day. We will have snack time around9:40. Snack time will only last a few minutes so please pack a quick healthy snack.



Homework will begin on August 29, 2013. Our homework will consist of spelling, reading and some math.


Please make sure your child has proper footwear so that he or she may participate in ALL outdoor activities.


The ice cream social/open house is on August 29th at 5:30p.m.


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