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Monday, September 9th is a district wide professional development day and ALL students will have the day off!


Math Night is approaching. Thank you for returning the RSVP's in a timely manner. Math night will be very informative for parents. Parents will have a better understanding of math strategies we are learning in class. These strategies are important and need to be used at home so that the vocabulary is the same at home and at school.

Fall pictures are on Friday, September 20th. More details will come home soon regarding this day!

 Parents all students have been doing a great job with their homework. They have been working hard establishing a routine with their folders and homework journals. They have been quite responsible which is very IMPRESSIVE! Remember to leave the calendar in the back of the folder so I can write on it daily. Also, please make sure the big green reading books are coming back the next day. We use these books all week long.

     We finished learning about the strategy "sums of ten" and we learned all the ways we can show 10.  Please work with your child on these vocabulary terms: part-part-whole, sum, number sentence, doubles, and ten frame. Please note it is important for all students to be able to recognize numbers on the ten frame without having to count on their fingers. Math strategies are very important so it is imperative for them to not just answer questions but really explain how they got their answer. Please reinforce these concepts and work on math facts up to 20 with your child. We are beginning to work on the strategy near doubles this week

 Our reading series moves pretty fast but it continues to build on skills each week. As we move through the series we will begin to compare fiction stories to nonfiction stories and be using concept maps in class and reading response sheets to go along with the skill being taught. Grammar is important part of our day and by some of the papers coming home you can see we are practicing these concepts here in class. Please go over ANY papers that come home so students get that continuous exposure to new concepts. We have learned about nouns, possessive nouns, verbs, along with short vowel a, e, i, o and will be completing short u soon.


We have been learning about plants and animals in science. We will continue to learn about why plants and animals require air and water next week.

 We have been learning about community and what it means to be a "good" citizen. We will move into learning about American symbols this week and next week. We will celebrate constitution day, Patriots day and learn about past presidents.

  Manatee's recycling programs are up and running!  Please have your child bring in newspapers to be recycled.  

At Manatee we also recycle Capri Suns, snack size chip bags, and empty glue bottles and sticks ink cartridges, and cell phones.  Please also send in these items to help our school earn points through Terra Cycle.  Keep up the awesome recycling Manatee!


 We are also at this time collecting box tops for education.

  Interims will be issued next Thursday 19th. Interims are a report generated halfway through the grading period on your child that states if your child is making satisfactory progress or if they are struggling with the core curriculum at this time. Your child will receive either an "S" if they are making progress or an "N" if they need improvement. I will be setting up conferences to meet with parents and students early October. If you would like a conference I will be happy to meet with you before that time!


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