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Early Release Day is this Wednesday, September 25th. Students will be dismissed at 1:15 p.m.


Our annual cookie dough and catalog fundraiser has kicked off. If you take any orders just bring in your packet and I will have a member of the PTO come pick it up.


Friday, October 4th is a teacher work day and all students have off! Please mark your calendars!


MATH NIGHT was a great success. This was a great opportunity for parents to learn about our math strategies. In our class we have been working on strategies and the kids have been having some trouble with verbalizing them. We will continue to work hard on these strategies so any help at home would be GREATLY appreciated!


Interims went home last week. If you would like to schedule a conference please email me and we will set up a time. Here at Manatee we encourage all parents to come in and conference at least once during the year. I welcome all students to attend conferences! J


We will continue to build on what we have been learning as we move on in math. Please continue to practice sums of ten, doubles, near doubles, one more, two more, and fact families which we have worked on all week. Students are struggling with the "fact family" concept so I will be spending some extra time on this strategy this week. LOOK ON MY WEBSITE UNDER DOCUMENTS AND YOU WILL FIND MATH STRATEGY DEFINITIONS THERE. The next 2 weeks we will continue reviewing the concepts we learned, along with make a ten strategy, and continuing to work on facts to 20. Please work with your child 5 minutes nightly with math flash cards.



We are working on short "a" words this week with "ck" endings. I have been alternating testing on Fridays. I will either test child on spelling words (this is different from dictation), fluency with sentences, and high frequency words from our story so please have your child read the anchor story to you multiple times. Remember your child can take their book home whenever they want as long as they bring it back THE NEXT DAY! I also alternate testing and have your child do a cold read to me. This is where they read a story they have not seen before and answer some comprehension questions. Overall they have been doing great. I do send those tests home every other week. Last, please work on having your child read to you nightly. Have them use their reading strategies when they come to a hard word. It is important they work on implementing these strategies daily.


We are continuing to work on learning about living, non-living, along with needs of plants and animals. This past week we planted a sunflower and are patiently waiting for it to grow!


This past week we learned about the Constitution, flag etiquette, and patriotic symbols. This week we will be learning about Johnny Appleseed along with incorporating some science into our lessons while we learn about the parts of the tree.


We are recycling all magazines, newspapers, capri suns, ink cartridges, and cell phones at this time. Please bring in any of these items and we will recycle them for you!



Don't forget we collect pop-tops all year long to support the Ronald McDonald House!



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