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Our Thanksgiving activities were a great success. I want to thank all my parents who donated items to make it so successful. It was great to see the students try all the different pies and some even have new favorites. Thanks again for making that such a fun activity for the kids! They really enjoyed learning, eating and writing about pies!

That's right….more holidays to come into our classroom soon. We will be celebrating the history of Mexico, Israel, Italy, and the United States. I will be sending home a letter soon regarding these activities. Please sign it and return it as soon as possible if you are able to donate an item or want to share your traditions.



In reading we are working on long a, verbs, reviewing nouns, along digraphs. Please work on these concepts with your child nightly. WE WILL ONLY HAVE 6 SPELLING WORDS AFTER THANKSGIVING. WE ARE WRAPPING UP AND PREPARING FOR OUR DISTRICT REQUIRED ASSESSMENT. Please go over all 100 FRY words which you can find on my website under documents as a review.

In Math we are continuing to work on place value and will be working on reviewing graphing, time, and shapes as well as math strategies. Please continue to practice math strategies and math facts with your child.

In Social Studies we are learning about past, present, future, and have fun activities to go along with these concepts. We will also be reviewing and testing for social studies in the next week or so!

In Science we finished our science fair project and will display it in the library. The kids had a great time bouncing the ball and measuring if the "surface affects how high a ball bounces" and they had fun recording their results. We will continue learning about land and water and finish after our winter break.


We are recycling all magazines, newspapers, capri suns, ink cartridges, and cell phones at this time. Please bring in any of these items and we will recycle them for you!




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