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Mrs. Frederick's Web Site 

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The Speech Language Pathologist and Exceptional Education Teachers attended a fascinating, exciting, and extremely insightful inservice. The subject of the presentation was written and oral language skills.
As with many conferences attended in the past, the thought process was one of "this will be the same old thing". This was the most engaging and useful conference I have ever attended. The presenter was Sarah L. Smith, M. S., CCC-SLP.
The name of the insevice was Expanding Expression, A Multi-Sensory Tool for Defining and Describing Entities. There was absolutely no note taking. The presenter requested open and clear use of the tool. Each participant received a complete kit to use.
You can research more information regarding Sara L. Smith and this dynamic tool at
The Expanding Expression tool will be employed in virtually every lesson plan and delivery of service opportunity. Please take the time to visit the site and learn more about ths incredible tool.
We will learn more and plan to support the learning opportunities for parents and caregivers.

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