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“The Kindergarten link between classroom and home”

Week of:  September (13) 14-17

Theme for Literature:  “My Family and Me”

Story of the week: “The Picnic at Apple Park

Letters of the week:  Aa

Word of the week:  the

Math: positional words

Activity schedule: Mon. No school/Tues. Art/Wed. Media/Thurs. PE/Fri. Music


Monday -  Holiday for Students

Just a reminder that there is No school for students on Monday, Sept 13th due to a teacher professional development day.   Have another great extended weekend.


Our busy, busy, week of reflections

Oh my, we have really been busy this week and I am so proud of the students for all of their efforts. I am seeing a lot of improvement in behavior as we learn to treat each other with care and concern.  We have talked about our classroom being a part of the big manatee family as well as having our own smaller McLellan kindergarten manatee family. We have discussed how we use our words and hands for helping others and being a great friend.  In reading, we have covered many different topics this week including animals and their babies, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom abc as well as Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 123. We also read the stories “If you give a mouse a cookie…” and “If you give a moose a muffin…” and we sequenced the events in both stories.  Another favorite theme that incorporated into our week with the letter “Mm” was several of the books from the series “Five little monkeys…”.  In Math, we have been counting, composing and decomposing numbers from 1 to 5 as well as one more and one less.  We have also sorted and graphed different items from buttons to M&M’s. In science, we discussed characteristics of animals both baby and mother as well as sorting different types of animals by outer covering, numbers of legs, habitat, ways that they move, etc. We also learned new names for some of the baby animals such as calf, joey, cub, kitten, puppy, owlet, foal and chick. Today, we celebrated America by discussing the “Pledge of Allegiance” and what all of those “big words” really mean. We talked about our American Flag and the representation of the stars and stripes. We also discussed freedom and different monuments in Washington DC. We started Literacy Stations this week and the kids did a fabulous job with all of the procedures as far as choosing a station, working as a team, recording their progress, and WANTING TO DO MORE!!!!! I made a promise that we would do the “purple circle” (another literacy station) on Tuesday as a whole group so that is something that they are all looking forward to. We also had our second “Zero the Hero” day as we learned about regrouping in the ones and tens “classroom” (aka. the McLellan version) which is an easy way that I present placement value. I am sure that I am forgetting many skills that we have gone over but this just gives you a snapshot of how busy a four day week can be.J


Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is looking for students who enjoy problem solving, painting, building, performing, and just having fun!  This international problem solving competition is open to students in kindergarten through college.  Teams are forming now at Manatee.  If parents would like to know more about the program, they can join us for a brief Odyssey Parent Information Night on Tuesday, September 14th, at 5pm here in the Media Center.  We are also looking for volunteer parent coaches.  Permission slips will be available online on our website, in the office, or from Mrs. Schenck beginning next Tuesday.  Come join the fun and excitement of Odyssey of the Mind at Manatee Elementary School!

Kindergarten Campfire

In today’s Friday folder, there is an information sheet for the kindergarten campfire evening that will happen on Tuesday, Sept. 21 from 5:30-6:30.  After reading the campfire flyer, let me know if there are any other questions that were not answered. This is a special evening where the K student will be able to check out their first library book from the Manatee Media center so please make every attempt to join us on the 21st.


At PE this week, we had 3 students sit out during PE time due to inappropriate shoes.  Please note that I have been told by our PE coach that there are still shoes being worn that are unacceptable for PE and pose a safety issue to the student wearing them. Please refer to the PE dress code online at the manatee web site for shoe safety.  Shoes must completely cover the top of the foot and they have to be able to be tightened by either laces or Velcro. If your child’s shoes do not have laces or Velcro closures on them, then they are probably not in the “safe shoe” category. If you would like to ask Coach Best about a particular pair of shoes, you can email her at or bring the pair of shoes by for her to examine. Student safety is her number one concern as she is trying to keep students from being injured.


Scholastic Book Order

In today’s Friday folder, I went ahead and made available 2 October book order selections, See saw and Fire fly.  You can order online with a credit card or send in your payment to me with the check made out to Scholastic. I was going to wait and try to hit every other month but October had a lot of great book selections. We will also be hosting a scholastic book fair here at the school in October and since this order will be sent in September, I didn’t want to conflict with sending out November’s order in October during the book fair….so now, you have another great opportunity to order some great books at reasonable prices. I have the online order window available until Friday, Sept 24th. I am also attaching a letter with today’s K-Connection with more info.  on the scholastic book club ordering procedures.  

Pizza & camp

Don’t forget that Manatee’s 5th graders are selling pre-baked pizza’s from Pizza Gallery. For each pizza that they sale, they will earn $5 towards the cost of the camp.  The pizza’s are made by pizza gallery and are packaged so that all you have to do is bake them.  Details were in the last Manatee school newsletter and are also posted on the 5th grade web site. The sale will run through Oct. 5th.

Field trips & shirts

There has been no change since last week’s announcement…..The K team is making some progress in planning several field trips. We are working on dates, cost, and awaiting district approval for the ones that we are scheduling. If you are interested in chaperoning any of the upcoming field trips, you MUST be an approved volunteer through the Brevard County Schools. There is a volunteer packet in the office that you can fill out and submit. When it is time to select chaperones for field trips, I will only choose those parents that are from my list of approved chaperones.  Please take the time to fill the packet out now so that you will be ready when the assignments are requested. Field trip t-shirts will soon be designed and ordered ordered with each class in a different color and the students face drawn by the student on the front of the shirt. (I had a sample hanging during the meet & greet, open house and ice cream social) Specific details will follow in a later K-Connection but the shirts usually run around $5-6.  They will also be available in adult sizes.  We will send out an order form when we are ready to begin collecting money for the shirt that is exclusively worn on all K field trips.


Previous Reminders

*Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels, Capri Sun Pouches & Pop Tops

Manatee is collecting General Mills box tops and the UPC label from Campbell soup labels all year long as well as Capri Sun pouches.   This is a great, easy way that you can help our PTO fund requests for classroom materials and manipulative request from teachers. Clipping these items will only cost you minimal time and effort. We are also collecting pop top tabs as we support the Ronald McDonald house through tab donations. Send the items in ziplock with McLellan’s name written on the outside of the bag. Please separate the items in to alike bags since they are placed in different locations. Thanks for helping out our PTO by clipping boxtops, campbells upc labels, sending in Capri sun pouches without the straw and pop-tops. I have even heard that the upc from goldfish packaging is also being collected…..


*Birthdays - If your child is having a birthday during the school year, the policy for our classroom is… if you would like to bring in a birthday snack for your child to share with their classmates, I would like to request that you drop it off first thing in the morning and I will work it into our daily schedule depending on our activities for that day.  Our birthday celebration will be a very low key event. Sometime during the day, we will sing the birthday song, share the birthday snack and then I present the birthday student with a small token such as a hat, pencil or certificate.  Please do not send in treat bags or anything extra, save that for your own party, just a birthday snack will suffice. Some of the suggested birthday snacks include but are not limited to muffins, fruit salad or kabobs, cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes, etc. or even your child’s favorite snack.  The birthday snack choice is totally up to you and your child.      

In case you are wondering, since I do not have a specific time when I will work the birthday snack into our day due to our schedule and daily activities changing, I will take a picture of your child with their birthday snack. That way, you will not miss a thing and it will be available for their scrap book.

If you are planning a party outside of school and would like to send invitations to classmates, please send them in before Friday so that they can discreetly be placed in the Friday folders. I will not allow the students to pass out birthday invitations during school to keep it fair for everyone. The main goal is to recognize the birthday but keep it as low key as possible so you can have the proper celebration outside of school. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


*My phone extension is #5308.  If you call during the day, you will reach my voice mail.  Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  If it is an emergency, please call the front office and they will relay the message.  I can also be reached by e-mail:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or compliments.


*Please send in a snack each day for your child.  We have a water fountain in the classroom so sending in a drink during snack time is not necessary.

*Please have your child bring in an extra outfit in a ziplock bag for emergency purposes. Sometimes, spills happen and a change of clothing is necessary. This change of clothes will be kept in their cubby. If your child does not have an extra set of clothes in their cubby, then they will be sent to the clinic to “borrow” a change of clothes.  Please wash and return them as soon as possible for others to use.


*Sneakers are the preferred shoes at Manatee Elem.  We will be going outside each day for supplemental PE.  It is very important that your child wears safe and comfortable shoes that can get dirty.  Please assist your child in selecting and wearing safe shoes for school.


Please Please Please…Very Important…Transportation Information

It is very important that the end of the day runs smoothly for me to get the students home by way of correct transportation mode.  It is school policy that any change to the normal transportation procedure must be written.  This is school policy in which I will follow completely for your child’s safety.  You can email or call me as a heads up but I will still need you to write me a note so that I can attach it to the transportation clipboard.  If I have a sub, the phone messages and emails are not accessible to a sub. Please, Please, Please, if you need to make any changes to your child’s pick up, it  HAS to be in writing.  Even if someone else is picking up your child from the car loop, (unless it is a regular basis situation) I will need to have the pick-up change in writing. Thank-you so much for your understanding in this important matter.  Bus information: Kindergarteners who ride the bus are tagged in the classroom and are escorted to the bus by an assigned safety patrol specific to our classroom. There are also adult staff members walking with them as well.  Each bus has been assigned a color and each bus has a patrol that stands by the bus with that color flag as well as the number of the bus listed on it.  Bus drivers check the students tag as they get on the bus at the school. Also, it is district policy that kindergarten students will not be left at the bus stop unless the person that has been approved and listed on their tag is present.  If the approved pick-up person is not present at the bus stop, the student will then be brought back to the school and the parent will be called.

 I will say that the majority of the afternoon dismissals have run pretty smoothly. The only 2 areas that need some extra attention are…..first, all changes in transportation other than what you have listed and signed on the yellow verification sheet HAVE TO BE IN WRITING and the second area is that if it is raining at 2:00, then it is a rainy day plan, if it stops at 2:10, we have already gone into our rainy day grouping and will continue in that

mode for the remainder of dismissal.


* Each student will need to bring in an old shirt with sleeves covering the elbow or art smock for art class.  These shirts will be stored in the student’s cubby and worn during art activities.  It is very important that your child bring this in as soon as possible so that they may fully participate in art activities.


*If your child is a car rider, we are asking that you pick your child up in the car loop.  Please write their first and last name, along with K-McLellan on the car loop paper that was distributed at the meet and greet. To make it easier to read, please  hang it from the rear view mirror with a pant or skirt hanger, as you drive by.  This will make identifying the student’s car easier for the teachers. You will stay in the flow of traffic and the kindergarteners are toward the front of the line so you will pass by the other grades first before reaching us.  For the next few weeks, the Kindergarteners will be coming outside a few minutes early.  This is only so that the Kindergarten students can proceed outside without being separated by the exit of other students in grades 1-6. 


Thank-you for your interest and cooperation in making our school year even better by acknowledging the above requests. 




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