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daily grades and progress report grades

Grading Scale and completed work information

On the papers that come home in the Friday folder, some of them are graded with either an “S, T, N, or I” The following is the rubric for the grading scale:

S – successfully meeting standards, completed assignment satisfactorily

T- time/support needed to consistently meet standards (more time needed to practice skill)

N – not meeting standards, needs attention

I - incomplete

 If there is a check or no mark at all, that means that I have looked over it or it might have been a morning worksheet where they have the option to finish it at home.  If it is an incomplete paper marked with an “I”, then it will need to be finished and returned.  Several times, I will send home packets of review work that is optional for your child to work on at home.  This work does not need to be returned, it gives you an opportunity to work with your child on particular skills that we have completed and provides extra review. Also, as we finish a unit in math, science, social studies or reading, I will staple the work packet together.  You will find that some pages are blank.  This indicates that I opted to do something different to cover that particular skill such as a hands on activity or a group activity.  The blank page does not need to be completed unless you would prefer doing it as a review.  If it is a paper that we covered in class and your child was absent, then I will either put an absent note or an “I” which will mean that it needs to be completed.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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