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Please Note: This K-Connection will cover information during the upcoming 2 day Thanksgiving week as well as the first week in December


Weeks of:    Nov. 23 & 24 /  Nov. 30-Dec. 4

Theme for Literature:  “Thanksgiving Literature/ “Yoko”/Gingerbread adventure begins

Letter of the week:  Review previous letters/ Cc /c/ Nn /n/

High Frequency Word:    Review words: I, we, can, the, like, a, at, am, see, go, to, have

Math:  review numbers to 10/ complete Data, Graphing, and Probability

Social Studies:  Long Ago and Today/ Our Big, Wide World/”Where in the World is the Gingerbread Man?”


Activity schedule: (Monday, Nov. 23rd will be day 5)

Red group: Day 1 Music Day 2  Art Day 3  Media Day 4 computer Day 5 PE Day 6 Science

Blue group: Day 1 PE Day 2  Science Day 3  Music Day 4 Art Day 5  Media Day 6 computer

Orange group: Day 1 computer Day 2 PE Day 3 science Day 4 music Day 5 Art Day 6 media

Purple group: Day 1 Science Day 2  Music Day 3  Art Day 4 Media Day 5  computer Day 6 PE

Green group: Day 1 Media Day 2  computer Day 3 PE Day 4 Science Day 5  Music Day 6 Art

Yellow group: Day 1 Art Day 2  Media Day 3 computer Day 4 PE Day 5  Science Da



Congratulations to Jackson & Destiny for being selected as the next 2 “Writing Wall of Fame” Recipients

Thanksgiving Feast

I have asked each child, if possible, to wear browns or tans if they are an Indian and the pilgrims will need to wear a black or white shirt. This will coordinate with the costume that each of them have made in the classroom. If you do not have these colors, then go with something neutral.  The students may wear shorts or pants for the occasion.  Pilgrims could go towards wearing black, white, or khaki and the Indians can coordinate with tans, browns or neutrals. 

Our Thanksgiving Feast is on Tuesday, November 24th and will begin promptly at 11:00.  Please remember that each child can have up to 2 people with them to celebrate this special occasion.  Since this is a very special occasion for your child, we ask that no siblings attend, this way, your full and undivided attention can be on your kindergartener and their special day. If you are unable to attend, please find someone to come in your place and be a part of your child’s special day so that they are not celebrating alone.  Please arrive with your food before 11:00, arriving around 10:45 will give adequate time to put your food item in the designated area (look for the signs on the serving tables)  if you did not send it in earlier and then find a seat at our assigned table which will be covered with an orange table cloth. After the eating portion of our feast is complete, you are welcome to check your child out early through me, not the front office. This will give you a head start on your Thanksgiving plans, especially if you are traveling out of town.  I will have a clipboard that you will need to sign your child out on before taking them. If you are checking out a sibling after the feast, that will have to be done through the office, I can only release the students in my class through the clipboard sign-out sheet. If you bring a crock pot, serving dish and/or utensils, please remember to take them with you when you leave on Wednesday.  Information about food items coming in… if you are sending in canned gravy, this can be sent in anytime.  If you are sending in a crock pot for us to use without the gravy, please have that in the classroom by Monday, Nov. 23rd.  If you are bringing a crock-pot full of gravy, please keep it warm and bring that in on Tues. Nov. 23rd which is the day of our feast. If you are sending in rolls, please send those in either on Monday the 23rd or the morning of the 24th so that we can have all of the food set up and ready to go. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me or Mrs. Freeman, our awesome room mom. Thanks again for participating in our Kindergarten Feast.


“Where in the world is the Gingerbread Man”

When we return from Thanksgiving break, we will begin a unit in social studies of our big wide world. I will be using the gingerbread man as our means of travel and I need your help.  Please read over the enclosed flyer in the Friday folder for more information on how your friends and/or relatives can participate in this adventure. Please note that only 2 contacts per students would be necessary, preferably, contacts outside of our area such as a different state or continent.


Gingerbread Person (home connection)

During the Thanksgiving break, you will have the opportunity to complete our next Home to school project.  It is a gingerbread boy or girl and the instructions are in today’s Friday folder. Please try to complete it before Wednesday, Dec. 2nd so that it can be a part of the upcoming social studies unit. This is a family project designed for conversation, problem solving, and creativity.  I can’t wait to see the variety of gingerbread people soon to invade Manatee Elementary.


Science Fair project

Our science fair project is almost complete.  It will be on display during the science fair open house on Thursday, December 3rd from 5:00-6:00.  Our science fair project was titled “M&M Survival Challenge”. The inquiry question was “Which M&M prey survived in each habitat?” The hypothesis was “The kindergarten students estimated which color of M&M would survive in different habitat scenarios as well as which prey would be the dominate one that was chosen by the predator”.


Gingerbread Academic Stations

Stay tuned for another opportunity to volunteer in the classroom on Friday, December 11th from 9:15(set-up) 9:45-11:45.  We will be celebrating the completion of our geography unit as we bring to a close the adventures of “Where in the World is the Gingerbread Man?”  A list of donated items will be coming home or being sent by email.  Mrs. Miller, our fabulous room mom, will be contacting you to find out which item you would like to donate as well as whether you will be available to volunteer for our gingerbread station day.  We will need anywhere from 7 to 15 volunteers, the more the merrier, and dad’s are welcome too!  So, save the date of December 11th to spend some time with a great group of 5 & 6 year olds as they celebrate our adventures of the gingerbread man.


Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels & Pop Tops

Manatee will continue to collect General Mills box tops and the UPC from Campbell soup labels all year long.    This is a great, easy way that you can help our PTO fund requests for classroom materials and manipulative request from teachers. Clipping these items will only cost you minimal time and effort. We are also collecting pop top tabs as we support the Ronald McDonald house thorough tab donations.  


Writer Wall of Fame

Congratulations to Jackson & Destiny for being selected as the upcoming 2 week “Writer Wall of Fame” recipients.  The writer wall of fame is in the cafeteria and all recipients will have their writing posted for one week.  They will also be spotlighted on our morning Manatee news program where they will receive a special writing pencil as well as waving to their TV audience.  Stay tuned for next weeks Writer Wall of Fame recipient. This broadcast can be viewed by logging onto our website and clicking on the CCTV icon.


Homework (Fast Start)

Just a reminder that when you return the weekly homework “Fast Start” poems, please remind your child to write their name on their paper.  I have a stack of papers with no names and there is no way to tell which ones belong to whom since I am not yet familiar with parent penmanship.  Thanks for remembering to write your name on all papers turned in.  Thanks J


Please note that there will NOT be a Friday folder next Tuesday, Nov. 24th. The next folder will go home on Friday, December 4th.



May you take time during the Thanksgiving Holidays to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many blessings that we are so fortunate to have. Spend some quality time with your child, do something special and out of the ordinary.  Eat plenty of holiday food and enjoy the desserts, Thanksgiving happens only once a year!


Mrs. McLellan


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