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Weeks of:  Dec. 7-11

Theme for Literature:  “Gingerbread stories (compare & contrast)

Letter of the week:  Review all letters & sounds from 1st semester (masptinc)

High Frequency Word:    Review words: I, we, can, the, like, a, at, am, see, go, to, have

Math:  Measurement (length, height, capacity, and weight)

Social Studies:  Our Big, Wide World/”Where in the World is the Gingerbread Man?”


Activity schedule: (Monday, Dec. 7th will be day 6)

Red group: Day 1 Music Day 2  Art Day 3  Media Day 4 Computer Day 5 PE Day 6 Science

Blue group: Day 1 PE Day 2  Science Day 3  Music Day 4 Art Day 5  Media Day 6 Computer

Orange group:Day 1 Computer Day 2 PE Day 3 Science Day 4 Music Day 5 Art Day 6 Media

Purple group: Day 1 Science Day 2  Music Day 3  Art Day 4 Media Day 5  computer Day 6 PE

Green group: Day 1 Media Day 2  Computer Day 3 PE Day 4 Science Day 5  Music Day 6 Art

Yellow group: Day 1 Art Day 2  Media Day 3 computer Day 4 PE Day 5  Science Day 6 Music

Where in the world is the Gingerbread Man”

We have started tracking the sightings of the gingerbread man during our social studies/geography time.  So far, we have heard from the states of Alabama, California, Illinois and Florida.  There are still several more sightings for us to read and we have one week left to finish tracking.  We are also using technology where we can actually take our “kindergarten airplane” and “fly” into each area that has reported a sighting of the gingerbread man.  This has been a fun adventure and I hope that your child is learning something new each day about out “big, wide, world”.

Gingerbread Academic Stations

We will be celebrating the completion of our geography unit as we bring to a close the adventures of “Where in the World is the Gingerbread Man?”  Thank you for all of the donations that have come in for our Gingerbread academic day.  If you have volunteered to help on Friday, December 11th we will be setting up at 9:15(set-up) and the stations will begin at 9:45 and go until 11:45.  If you have not yet contacted Mrs. Freeman to volunteer, we will need anywhere from 6 to 15 volunteers, the more the merrier, and dad’s are welcome too!


Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels, Capri Sun Pouches & Pop Tops

Manatee will continue to collect General Mills box tops and the UPC from Campbell soup labels all year long as well as Capri Sun pouches.   This is a great, easy way that you can help our PTO fund requests for classroom materials and manipulative request from teachers. Clipping these items will only cost you minimal time and effort. We are also collecting pop top tabs as we support the Ronald McDonald house thorough tab donations.  


Writer Wall of Fame

Congratulations to Naomi who will be announced on Tuesday that she has been selected as our next “Writer Wall of Fame” recipient.  The writer wall of fame is in the cafeteria and all recipients have their writing posted for one week.  They are also spotlighted on our morning Manatee news program where they will receive a special writing pencil as well as the opportunity to wave to their TV audience.  This broadcast can be viewed by logging onto our website and clicking on the CCTV icon. Congratulations Naomi for being selected as our next Wall of Fame recipient.


Homework (Fast Start)

If you have turned in your fast start homework poems and did not get yours returned yet, then it may be one that I have in a stack that does not have names on it.  Please let me know and I will try to use clues to figure out which one is yours. This is just a friendly reminder that when you return the weekly homework “Fast Start” poems, papers, forms, correspondence, please remember to write your name on the paper. Thanks J


Early Dismissal Days

Please note:

Dec. 16, 17, 18 (Wed., Thurs and Fri.) are early dismissal days where the students will get out one hour early. Please make note of this when making plans for transportation.  Car riders will be dismissed at 1:20 and bus riders will be arriving home one hour earlier than their normal arrival time.



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