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Week of:  Jan. 25-29

Theme for Literature:  Animals:Russ and the Firehouse”  

Letter of the week:  Hh /h/

High Frequency Word:  are

Math:  Geometry – solid figures

Science: Earth Science: Our land, water, and air  


Activity schedule: (Monday, Jan. 25th will be day 5)

Red group: Day 1 Music Day 2 Art Day 3 Media Day 4 Computer Day 5 PE Day 6 Science

Blue group: Day 1 PE Day 2 Science Day 3 Music Day 4 Art Day 5  Media Day 6 Computer

Orange group: Day 1 Computer Day 2 PE Day 3 Science Day 4 Music Day 5 Art Day 6 Media

Purple group: Day 1 Science Day 2 Music Day 3 Art Day 4 Media Day 5  computer Day 6 PE

Green group: Day 1 Media Day 2 Computer Day 3 PE Day 4 Science Day 5 Music Day 6 Art

Yellow group: Day 1 Art Day 2 Media Day 3 computer Day 4 PE Day 5 Science Day 6 Music


Writer Wall of Fame

On Tuesday, our next Writing Wall of Fame recipient will be announced and it will be Vincent.  The “writer wall of fame” wall is in the cafeteria and all recipients will have their writing posted for one week.  Vincent will also be spotlighted on our morning Manatee news program where he will receive a special writing pencil as well as being able to wave to his TV audience.  This broadcast can be viewed by logging onto our website and clicking on the CCTV icon.


Haiti Relief

Thank you so much for all of the donations and money that was sent in for the Haiti Relief collection.  I was amazed at the pile of items that have been given to help out those who are din desperate need of basic supplies. Those students who wore hats today were also donating towards this special event as well. Thanks for all of your participation and support for such a worthy cause.


Field Trip

In today’s Friday folder, a letter and field trip permission slip was sent home with information about our next field trip.  We will be going to Pizza Gallery on Feb. 23rd. The cost of the trip will be $7 and that includes pizza, drink, tip and transportation fee.  The permission slip and payment will need to be made before Friday, Feb. 5th. Chaperones have already been contacted for this trip.  Since we will be going to a public business during non-business hours, only students and chaperones assigned to the trip will be permitted inside.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



In today’s Friday folder, your child’s lap card from the walk-a-thin was included.  If you pledged to support them per lap, then use the lap card to figure out how many laps that they completed.  Please return the money collected in the white envelope that was provided to your child last week. This money needs to be in turned in no later than Thursday, Jan. 29th

 100th Day Celebration

On Tuesday, Jan. 26th, the Kindergarten classes will be celebrating the 100th day of school!!! It is going to be a fun-filled day and everyone is welcome to come out and join us.  There are 2 events scheduled where you can watch the excitement or join in.  The first will be a 100 day assembly in the cafeteria at 8:20-8:50 where the k students will sing, count, and we will have a special visitor come and present our 100 day perfect attendance recipients.  This will be followed by their normal activity time 8:55-9:35. At 10:00, we will be going outside for about 1 ½ hours to participate in 7 stations that are related to the theme of Zero the Hero and 100 days. Lunch for our 100th day will be the same schedule and our afternoon will consist of activities in the classroom pertaining to 100.  If you would like to come out to watch the 100th day Assembly at 8:20 or the 100th day stations at 10, please feel free to join us for these 2 activities during the 8:20-12:30 time frame. If you were assigned an item to bring in, please send this in no later than Monday.  I will be purchasing any item that is not here by Monday.  Also, I need one volunteer to donate 20 water bottles, any brand will do.  We will be taking these outside and the students will have their names on them so that they have access to water while we are having fun. Please let me know if you are interested in making this donation.


Thank you for all of the items that have been brought in for our 100 item challenge.  With all of the other activities going on, I really appreciate you giving just one more time to help support another organization in need. The humane society will be very grateful for all of the items that Manatee Elem. has collected.  We only have 2 more days to reach 100 items. Donations can be dry and canned dog/cat food, toys, snacks, blankets, old towels, (many of the dogs are sleeping on cold concrete floors) etc. anything that an animal shelter could use.  If you would like to participate in this opportunity of giving, please send the animal donations for our class challenge by Tuesday, our 100th day of school. Please have your child bring their donated item(s) to our classroom where we will keep count until we hit 100 items.  Thanks again for helping out a local organization in need, the animals will greatly benefit from any donation given.



Parent Teacher Conference Night

Tuesday, Jan. 26th is parent teacher conference night.  Parent conferences are by appointment only. If you would like to schedule a conference, please let me know so that I can assign a specific time.  I also have times during the weekdays that we can meet, 7:30am, 9:00am and after school. If you are interested in scheduling a conference, please contact me and we can discuss a day and time that would be convenient for you.  


Friendship day

Looking ahead……On Friday February 12th, we will celebrate “friends and friendship”.  Our day will focus on the theme around “friends´ and we will be reading several stories about friendship.  Each student will be given the opportunity to pass out friendship cards if they want to. There are two rules for giving out friendship cards: 1) if you plan on passing out cards, then everyone will need to receive a card. 2) Please do NOT address the cards, only put who they are from on the outside. Additional information will be given closer to the date.  We will celebrate our special day with a very low key “cookies and punch” snack sometime during our special day.




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