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Music at Manatee

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Music at Manatee
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  6th Grade Showcase
  4th Grade Patriotic Songs Link
  Chorus Holiday Songs
  Chorus Songs Link
  2nd Grade Performance
  1st Grade Performance
  Chorus Spring Songs
  Kindergarten Performance Songs

 Class Documents

Folder: 3rd Grade Peformance Lyrics3rd Grade Peformance LyricsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
Folder: 3rd Grade Song Lyrics3rd Grade Song LyricsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
Folder: 3rd Grade Fall Performance Songs3rd Grade Fall Performance SongsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
GoLightYourWorld-Manatee-WithVocals.mp3GoLightYourWorld-Manatee-WithVocalsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
GoLightYourWorld-Manatee-MusicOnly.mp3GoLightYourWorld-Manatee-MusicOnlyOrth, Andrea@Manatee
GoLightYourWorldLyricsFINAL.pdfGoLightYourWorldLyricsFINALOrth, Andrea@Manatee
Pumpkin Jack Lyrics.docxPumpkin Jack LyricsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
The Sounds of the Night Lyrics.docxThe Sounds of the Night LyricsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
Do The Igor Lyrics.docxDo The Igor LyricsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
Scarecrow.pdfScarecrowOrth, Andrea@Manatee
Did You Ever Want To Be The President Words.docxDid You Ever Want To Be The President WordsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
Those Who Served Words.docxThose Who Served WordsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
God Bless The USA Words.docxGod Bless The USA WordsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
The Star Spangled Banner Words.docxThe Star Spangled Banner WordsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
The Stars and Stripes Forever Words.docxThe Stars and Stripes Forever WordsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
The Heart of America.docxThe Heart of AmericaOrth, Andrea@Manatee
America Words.docxAmerica WordsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
Let's Sing America Words.docxLet's Sing America WordsOrth, Andrea@Manatee
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