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Announcements: Manatee Music Makers Chorus


Manatee Music Makers Chorus 


Manatee Music Makers Chorus is a performing group with two concerts scheduled each year at school and various other concerts in other locations.  The purpose of this activity is to provide students with opportunities to develop musicianship skills in chorus.  The content will include: enabling students to develop fundamental skills in vocal tone production, breath control, choral performance techniques, and music appreciation.  This group is open to all students in 4th, 5th and 6th grades, but requires a complete commitment from students and parents.
PRACTICE: All practices will br held Monday afternoon at 2:30 until 3:30pm and Wednesday morning at 7:30 until 8:10.  Practice will start the week of August 24, 2009. Please be sure to provide your student with an afternoon snack and please give your child breakfast at home before the morning rehearsal.  No food or soft drinks are allowed in the Music room; however, water is allowed during rehearsals.  
Extra practices will be scheduled throughout the year to prepare for performances.  Parents and students will be notified of the extra practices ahead of time to plan ahead.  All practices are mandatory.  Students and parents need to consider membership in this group carefully and thoroughly.  Students and parents who sign up by returning the permission slip/contract are making a commitment to the group.  This group meets both semesters.
All students should be picked up from Monday rehearsals at 3:30pm in front of the school.  Anyone not picked up at 3:30 can be accommodated in the after school program here at Manatee for a reasonable fee.  Students may miss 3 practices per semester and 1 performance per year with at least 3 days prior notice.  If a student misses a performance without prior notification or misses more then 3 practices, they will be asked to leave the group. 
Students should have a folder, preferably a three ring binder is best, to keep a copy of their own music to take home and to have in rehearsals.  This folder should be with the students at ALL rehearsals.  Students can bring a blank writable CD and a copy of all the music we will be performing with full arrangement and accompaniment without words to assist their practice at home.  Students may be assessed individually or as part of a small group on how well they know their music. 
UNIFORM:  We will have only ONE uniform this year: the red shirt/black pants.  We provide the shirts and you provide the pants, shoes and socks.
Cost: For all new students to chorus the shirt fee is $10 and for students returning for the second year the fee is $5.  If your child is in the 6th grade and joining the chorus for the first time, the fee is $15.  Explanation: Most of the 4th grade students are very small, they return their shirt at the end of the year, they have grown throughout the school year and during the summer, and the next year they will be issued another shirt, most likely a larger size.  The second fee pays for the shirt and it is yours to keep.  First year 6th grade students will simply purchase their shirt from the beginning.
Please provide solid black pants and solid black shoes and socks.  Shirts will be worn tucked in when we perform, so allow for that extra fabric in the waist.  We will need the uniform ready for the group pictures, so please try to purchase these items asap.


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