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Manatee Elementary > Music
All of the Manatee Music News!
Welcome to Manatee Music
All Manatee students participate in a 40 minute music class on a 6 day rotation.  Activities will include singing, movement, rhythm exercises, games and playing various instruments.  We study melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tone color, expression and style. 
All students have a performance opportunity with  grade level presentations that are featured throughout the school year. All dates are on the calendar and each grade link.
Manatee has three groups that are considered performing groups: Chorus, Orff Ensemble and Strings.  Students who participate in any, some or all of these groups will wear a uniform for performances.  This uniform is the same for ALL: a red Manatee Music Makers polo shirt, solid black pants and solid black shoes and socks.  The shirts are available in the Music room.  Each student provides their own pants, shoes and socks.  Pant size should be able to accommodate tucking the shirt in for a neater, more uniform look. 
Chorus is offered to 4th, 5th and 6th grades, Orff Ensemble and Strings is offered to 5th and 6th grades.

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