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Science Fair Tips

Here are some tips that will possibly make the science fair a little easier around your house.

Hypothesis: "If I (explain what you are doing) then I think (explain what you think will happen) because (give your reason why).

Materials: These need to be a bulleted list and must be very specific, i.e. amount, size, brand, etc. Units should be in metric.

Procedures: These should be listed in number order and explain exactly how the project is to be completed. These should be very specific also.

Daily Log: Your child should write in their daily log (notebook paper and pen) every time they work or think about their project. It must be in their handwriting and not typed.

Bibliography and Research: Students (in grades 5, 6 & team) must have at least 3 references and a complete bibliography.

For more information check out Ms. Hallock's home page, our Manatee home page, or even the district's home page for science.


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